Preston's newest ice cream shop Brown Sugar falls foul of the heatwave

Rahman Khan and Ameena Anjum have opened Brown Sugar Ice Cream Parlour, Lane Ends
Rahman Khan and Ameena Anjum have opened Brown Sugar Ice Cream Parlour, Lane Ends
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Opening a new ice cream shop just before a heatwave hits sounds like perfect timing.

Brown Sugar Preston, which welcomed customers for the first time on July 13, took over from Crolla’s Gelato Shop on Blackpool Road, lane Ends, and has been going down a sweet treat with customers.

However, the scorching heat proved to be too much for the freezers at the family-run parlour, leaving owners Rahman Kahn and Ameena Anjum temporarily unable to serve many of their frozen desserts earlier this week.

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Their post on Facebook on Tuesday read: “Very sorry guys but due to the extreme hot weather we’ve had an issue with our freezer and are unable to serve ice cream.

“We are closing early at 9.30pm.”

Happily, despite the glitch owing to exceptional temperatures of almost 30C, the shop is back up and running and proving a big hit.

Ameena said: “It’s been so busy because of the weather. It’s insane that with the heat it brings so many problems as the machines get overheated. It’s natural to have technical problems.

“Things happen at the end of the day and you can’t predict anything. We just made the most of it.”

The couple, who own the dessert shop in Preston, said the opening was a huge success and that they were amazed by the response.

“We really didn’t expect that kind of response. We were so passionate about the idea and it seems to have really taken off,” said Ameena, 27. “Our main priority is our customers. We want them to go away happy after coming in for a nice dessert. We have really tried to create a happy environment.” for people.”

The inspiration was born after the couple said they felt that there was a gap in the market in offering a range of desserts and sweet treats to people.

“I liked the idea of giving families and the local community somewhere to go for a dessert,” said Rahman.

“We came across so many takeaways, but nowhere offered late night desserts after people have been for something to eat so that’s where the idea came from. I mean, who doesn’t have a sweet tooth?”

Brown Sugar Preston is now welcoming other ice cream and dessert lovers seven days a week to give their sweet treats a try.