New vitamins venture for Chorley property specialist

Peter Love
Peter Love

A Lancashire property businessman has launched a new company selling slow-release natural vitamin patches.

Chorley-based Peter Love, who has run his property business for 18 years, has launched Ohana Topical Patches across the UK to help with everything from improving health and energy levels to tackling swollen joints and aiding sleep.

He began researching patches when his mother-in-law Angela Bisgrove, 93, from Preston, became unwell and he realised that there was no easy way to get beneficial vitamins into her system. It is the eight-hour slow release of vitamins and herbal supplements into the body which is new to the UK.

He said: “The doctors said we needed to get her eating and taking some vitamins and supplements, however she was adverse to taking tablets, pills, shakes and did not like injections.

"While doing some research we came across Ohana Topical Patches, which have benefitted many people in the USA. We brought them over from the States and family and friends have found them to help with their general well-being.”