Preston Hockey Team modelling their new kit from Next Goal Wins, photo: @simonstacpoole

New sportswear launched in deserted Preston buildings by UCLan alumni - in pictures

A UCLan alumnus and founder of sportswear brand Next Goal Wins Apparel has launched his newest kit in familiar Preston buildings during lockdown.

Friday, 12th March 2021, 8:58 am

Keith Jolley, owner of Next Goal Wins, studied at the university between 1999 and 2003 has designed Preston Hockey Club’s new kit and decided to take it to the streets for its first outing.

Players modelled the kit inside the now empty Miller Arcade and bus station.

Keith was determined to keep it local and hired fellow UCLan alumnus and photographer Simon Stacpoole to capture the team in their new kit.

“For the photo shoots of the kits I thought, rather than having a mundane shoot on a hockey pitch, why not try and make use of the local architecture like the amazing Miller Arcade and even the bus station,” Keith said.

“It is such a Marmite building but I think it’s quite cool.”

After approaching the owners of the building for permission, the business owner ensured that the photo shoot was safe for all involved.

“That’s why, in the photos, the team is posed in pairs or alone,” he said, “We had a boyfriend and girlfriend who are in the same bubble and I was quite conscious that people would criticise group shots during lockdown.

“But throughout, the photographer, myself and the videographer were all wearing masks.”

Keith was keen to have the actual team model their new kit after a rugby kit manufacturer received criticism for using models to market the Ireland women's national rugby home jersey last year.

“It was nice to have a variety of players modelling the kit from different age ranges and abilities,” Keith said.

Next Goal Wins also has sportswear made from recycled plastic bottles in a Blackburn factory and is proud to provide sliders to Preston North End.[]

“It’s quite nice that we’re promoting Preston and Lancashire,” Keith said.

Keith started his sportswear company when he was made redundant from a Preston company around four years ago.

“I just wanted another job so I was emailing everyone but they kept saying no because the jobs were junior level,” Keith said.

“I didn’t really care, I just wanted a job!

“It forced my hand to start my own company because no one would give me a chance.

“They knew I was quite high up in my old company and were worried I would have itchy feet and keep looking behind my shoulder but I just wanted to be a designer.”

Just before lockdown, Keith had an office built so he could work from his garden.

“It has been a bit uncertain over the last six to nine months due to schools and sports clubs being completely shut but now everywhere’s picking up,” he said.

“I don’t think I’d ever go back to working for somebody else now, it has been quite nice just trying to build a brand.

“I really love these photos which might appeal to people who wouldn’t necessarily buy sports clothes, but who enjoy the decor of the bus station and Miller Arcade.”

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