New Lucky 8 Rock N Blues bar is revving into Chorley's microbar scene

Chris McIntyre Lucky 8 Rock N Blues Bar with his Triumph motorbike
Chris McIntyre Lucky 8 Rock N Blues Bar with his Triumph motorbike
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A new microbar in Chorley has become a haven for bikers as well as beer lovers.

It comes as micropubs are exploding in popularity all over the country, with many opening up in Lancashire.

Motorbikers are regularly seen gathering at Chris McIntyre’s Lucky 8 Rock N Blues Bar in Cheapside.

“I’m a biker myself,” said Chris, 55, the proud owner of a Triumph motorbike.

“My love of music and bikes go hand in hand.

“I’ve been part of a motorbike club for about 14 years.”

Within Lancashire, Chorley holds the crown as the town with the most micropubs in its vicinity, with at least five in the town centre.

These include The Ale Station, Shepherds’ Hall Ale House, Speakeasy, The Bob Inn, D’Owd Inn and Bootleggers.

Meanwhile Preston is home to Guild Ale House and Hoppy Days while Leyland hosts The Golden Tap and Market Ale House.

“I have been a big fan of the micropub scene,” said Chris.

“I’ve had people coming from the other side of Lancaster through fans of it.

“They talk between each other and say have you tried this bar and that bar and so on. We all get on together on the scene.”

Chris used to be a keen member of a motorbiking group but these days he has to concentrate on the business.

He also ditched his full time job as a warehouse supervisor when he opened the bar six months ago.

“I was going to do the bar part time and still work but the amount of effort we have got to put into it, I had to give my job up,” said Chris, who runs the diminutive pub alongside his wife Tracey McIntyre, aged 55, and daughter Nicola Jackson, aged 35.

Chris and Tracey, a former end of life care assistant, have been living in Chorley for the last 30 years.

Lucky 8 replaces a men’s clothes shop and, with Chris’s passion for music, regularly hosts live acts.