The new Broughton Bypass - in numbers

The long-awaited Broughton Bypass opens today, and the construction details make some impressive reading.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 5th October 2017, 9:21 am
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 10:55 pm
James Towers Way is ready for opening
James Towers Way is ready for opening

The construction effort has been impressive; a huge undertaking which has seen 36,700 square metres of carriageway laid to relieve 90% of Broughton Village traffic from the A6.

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The new road includes 1,016m of sound barriers

Noise considerations have been addressed, with 1,016m of sound barriers, and even the humble newt has been looked after with 1.5km of permanent amphibian fencing.

Talking of nature, seven new ponds have been created for wildlife habitats, while more that 100 new trees have been planted in the immediate area.

Other road facts include:

• 5,700 square metres of footway surfacing

The new road includes 1,016m of sound barriers

• 5,500m of stockproof fencing

• 6,700m of drains, 9,300m of kerbing and 1,860m of edgings

More than 22,000 vehicles which previously travelled along the A6 through Broughton every day will now use the new road, relieving many commuter headaches.

Broughton Bypass timeline


Concerns first raised about increasing congestion in Broughton village.


Campaign to build a bypass to take traffic around the village is launched.


Public consultation begins on two proposed routes for a bypass. Route B, roughly today’s layout, is chosen.


An air quality and noise assessment indentifies problems around Broughton.


LCC give planning green light to a revised bypass scheme.


Pollution results in parts of the A6 lead to Broughton being designated an Air Quality Management Area.


Scheme wins City Deal funding and is given priority.


Scheme gets Growth Fund allocation.


April - six day public inquiry.

July - Go-ahead from government.

December - Hochtief (UK) Ltd win contract.


January - work begins with spring 2017 end date proposed.

September - end date revised to August 2017.


July - new delays push opening back to early 2018.

September - opening brought forward to today.