More than 150 homes are without power in Preston and Penwortham

Power outages have struck more than 150 homes in Preston this morning.

Sunday, 10th February 2019, 10:09 am
Updated Monday, 11th February 2019, 12:33 pm
162 homes in the Preston and Penwortham areas have been affected

Electricity North West reports that 162 homes in the Preston and Penwortham areas have been affected.

It was first reported to the operator at 9.11am with a hope of being fixed by 11.18am.

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Power cuts hit more than 600 homes near Tarleton

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162 homes in the Preston and Penwortham areas have been affected

Earlier this morning power outages affected more than 600 homes in the Tarleton area of West Lancashire, with 13 homes still without power.

Electricity North West hopes to restore power to those remaining homes by 1pm.

The affected postcodes are:

PR1 0NP, PR26 6PN, PR26 6RB, PR26 6RA, PR26 6PP, PR26 6QQ, PR5 3QQ, PR4 4LH, PR4 4LJ, PR4 4LA, PR4 4LD, PR4 4LE, PR4 4JX, PR4 4JY, PR4 4LB, PR4 4LF, PR4 4JD, PR4 4LL, PR4 4LN, PR4 4YB, PR4 4ZA, PR4 4ZB, PR4 4AA, PR4 4AF, PR4 4BE, PR4 4JF, PR4 4JE, PR4 4JW, PR4 4ZS, PR4 4XQ, PR4 4XW, PR4 4, PR4 4RZ, PR4 4XJ, PR4 4XL, PR4 4XN, PR4 4XP, PR4 4XR, PR4 4XS, PR4 4YN, PR4 4YQ, PR4 4ZQ, PR4 4AQ, PR4 4AR, PR5 5JD, PR5 5JE, PR5 5JH, PR5 5JJ, PR5 5JL, PR5 5JN, PR5 5JP, PR5 5JQ, PR5 5JR, PR5 5LA, PR5 5NE, PR5 5NH, PR5 5JB, PR5 5SY, PR5 5UB, PR4 4AB, PR4 4AY, PR4 4BB, PR4 4QL, PR4 4AD, PR4 4AE, PR4 4AX, PR4 4SN, PR4 5SA, PR4 4AN, PR4 4AP, PR4 4AL, PR26 6RN, PR26 6RD, PR26 6RG, PR4 4XA, PR4 4XB, PR4 4XE, PR4 4XU, PR4 4ZN, PR4 4XD, PR4 4XH, PR4 4YP, PR4 4ZP, PR4 4LP, PR4 4LU, PR4 4YD, PR4 4ZD, PR4 4JA, PR4 4JB, PR4 4JS, PR4 4JU, PR4 4JQ, PR4 4JR, PR4 4JT, PR5 3PN, PR5 5JY, PR26 6PR, PR26 6RE, PR26 6RT, PR26 6SA, PR5 3RD, PR5 3RE, PR5 5JS, PR5 5JT, PR5 5JU, PR5 5JW, PR5 5JX, PR4 4YJ, PR4 4ZL, PR4 4ZU, PR4 4YL, PR4 4ZJ, PR4 4SJ, PR4 4TE, PR4 4ZE, PR4 4YA, PR4 4YH, PR4 4ZH, PR4 4YE, PR4 4YR, PR4 4XT, PR25 3RJ, PR26 6PQ, PR26 6RH, PR4 4BD, PR4 4AT, PR26 6PH, PR26 6PU, PR26 6PX, PR26 6PY, PR4 4JN, PR4 4BA, PR4 4JP, PR26 6PL, PR26 6QE, PR26 6QH, PR4 4JJ, PR4 4JL, PR4 4BG, PR4 4BH, PR4 4BJ, PR4 4BL, PR4 4BN, PR4 4BP, PR4 4BQ, PR5 5RB, PR5 5RF