Mail mishap sees Preston mixed-up with town 3,000 miles away

Lorna Carruthers with the letter intended for Pittston, Maine USA
Lorna Carruthers with the letter intended for Pittston, Maine USA
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A mail mishap has seen Preston mixed up with a town almost 3,000 miles away in the north east of the United States.

Ribbleton resident Lorna Carruthers has spoken of her surprise after receiving a letter intended for Pittston, Maine.

A missing air-mail stamp – plus the similarity with the addresses; Arnold Close and Arnold Road – has resulted in the communication miss its intended target by the width of the Atlantic Ocean.

Lorna, 56, said: “I will be contacting Royal Mail because although there is details of who sent it, there is not a full address.

“It was sent from Wandsworth, London, intended for a Dr John and Maryann Ward.

“I think maybe the air-mail sticker has been left off or fallen off and because the addresses are similar, it has been sent here.

“But you would have thought someone would have noticed the difference between Pittston and Preston.

“It does say USA in large letters on the front on the letter, after all.”

Pittston, located in Kennebec County in Maine has a population of around 2,700 and is recognised as one of the earliest settlements in the area, dating back to 1779.

It can be found 2,995 miles away from Lancashire in the New England coastal region of the US.

Lorna, who works as a project controller for BAE Systems at Samlesbury and is a mum-of-one, added: “I think it may be a card, it could be re-delivered for Christmas.”