Macs Bar grows up with sophistication

Macs Bar
Macs Bar
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It might still have the same name . . . but everything else is changing at Macs Bar in Preston.

The venue will re-open a week tomorrow and city centre revellers are being told to expect “something completely different.”

A new team, which still involves original proprietor Andy Mac, has ripped the place apart and rebuilt it as a more upmarket bar aimed at the mid-twenties set.

“People will be amazed when they see what we’ve done with it,” said Asim Gulzar. “It’s like a brand new bar, although we’re still called Macs.”

The old bar hit licensing problems during a police crackdown on under age drinking and rowdy behaviour in the city centre.

Management of the new look nightspot have worked with police and Preston Council to move away from that shadowy past and relaunch as a more sophisticated establishment.

“It’s a whole new concept,” said Asim. “We are looking to be a classier venue with a more mature and VIP clientele. We’ve been out to the States visiting clubs in Miami and Vegas and we are trying to replicate what we saw out there.

“Six years ago when Macs Bar first opened it was groundbreaking. Preston hadn’t seen anything like it before, but eventually others copied it. It had a bit of a reputation, but we have been working hard to put that behind us. We have grown up and we want Macs to reflect that. We have gone to the next level and I’m sure customers will love it when they see what we’ve done. We can’t wait for next Saturday.”