‘Latest way to rip off customers’ - Your reaction for plans to charge 20p for a paper bag at Morrisons

Morrisons is hiking the price of long-life plastic bags to 15p and introducing a paper version costing 20p as part of a trial.

Thursday, 31st January 2019, 2:03 pm
Updated Thursday, 31st January 2019, 3:08 pm
The 20p paper bags are going on trial in some stores

The supermarket said the eight-week trial at eight stores is in response to customers saying that reducing plastic is their top environmental concern.

Morrisons removed 5p carrier bags early in 2018 which led to a 25 per cent reduction in overall bag sales.

As part of the trial, the supermarket is increasing the price of its standard plastic ‘bags for life’ from 10p to 15p.

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The 20p paper bags are going on trial in some stores

The new US-style paper grocery bags, priced at 20p, have handles and are a similar capacity to standard plastic carrier bags.

Here’s a taste of what you thought:

Paper bags should be free, we pay enough for our groceries.

David Holmes

If you don’t like it . Bring your own bag. Game over

Russel Stirzaker

The ones at Primark. are sturdy, reusable and FREE

Doreen Dawson

Like Primark they will break when it’s raining

Julie Mansford

Why not go down the brown paper bag route like the USA?

Nick Chatburn

People will buy the cheaper plastic bag. Bad idea

Jane Turner

Agreed bring your own bags

Afrash Kazee

If paper bags are saving the planet, then why cost more? Supermarkets in Germany use paper bags and the system really works - and they’re free!

Clare Hughes

Paper bags recyclable...plastic bags not...it’s not rocket science

Sarah Thompson

Why are people so resistant to change? And change for the better at that. Charge £1 for a paper bag, don’t sell plastic and people will soon sort themselves out.

Paula Davies

Paper bags.. rip open and fall apart... don’t think so!

Nicola Telford

Isn’t the charge on bags just for plastic carriers? Charging customers for the paper bags is abit cheeky...

Andie Pass

Typical latest way to rip the customer off, fair play in getting rid off plastic, but should be free of charge ideally or no more than the current charge, not as if the supermarkets don’t make multi millions every year. I wonder how much profit they are making out of the paper bags

Mark Reid

Why do people think paper bags are good for the planet? Do some research and check out the carbon footprint on a paper bag

Martin Bennett

They need to have just paper bags and stop wrapping all their veg and fruit in plastic!

Pamela O’Donnell

I have taken my own bags for years.

Fran Hughes

With the option of delivery to your door there is a chance for zero bags.

Martyn Proctor