'˜It's going to cause utter chaos': Your reaction as plans announced for land at the Sumners pub in Preston

Iconic football pub the Sumners, which was demolished two months ago, is to be replaced by a community centre and two blocks of flats.

Friday, 21st December 2018, 11:24 am
Updated Friday, 21st December 2018, 12:28 pm
The Sumners as it was being demolished

A planning application has been submitted to Preston City Council for permission to build four and five storey blocks, together with a neighbourhood facility, on land where the pub stood for 33 years.

The application is for a two-storey community centre, a four-storey block with six commercial units on the ground floor and 24 flats above and a five storey block comprising a further 41 flats.

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The Sumners as it was being demolished

"Going to cause chaos with the traffic there. Preston and surrounding areas are becoming a nightmare with all the house building etc, where I l ive 1000’s have gone up, building on all the green belt land etc cramming the all ready busy roads and it will get worse. The sad thing is they can’t sell all these houses. To get to the M6 used to take me 10 mins now it takes me sometimes 40 mins or more."

Karan Tett

"Hardly the last football pub.. the Alice is still going strong, the Moorbrook? Heaving on match days.. unless they aren’t classed as “football pubs”

Paul C Kelly

"Also there is always plenty of fans in the Prince Consort on Meadow Street"

Brian Norris

"It use to be a great pub."

Margaret Carter

"The road next to this land is the worst part of my journey home from work due to mass amounts of traffic heading towards the motorway and surrounding area this is just going to cause utter chaos with people turning out and in constantly from this site. Does this matter to the council? Of course not."

Ryan Mills

"Agree with you, Ryan. I live in the area and travel back from Leyland every night from work. I get from Leyland to Sainsbury’s in around 20 minutes, I’m sometimes sat in traffic for a good 20 to 30 minutes in that section of the road. Makes no sense whatsoever to add housing there, people won’t be able to get in and out due to traffic"

Gemma Mountford

"The council should block all applications until a full investigation is done on why they didn’t get permission to demolish the building. Anyone else person wouldn’t get permission if they did something like that!"

Colin Sinnott

"They weren’t given permission to knock it down so they’ll build what they want anyway."

Tony Woody

"Another community centre."

Michelle Finley


Daniela Ferraccioli

"It’s such a shame that the Sumners closed at all...it was part of the day when you went to Deepdale. However, every pub is struggling, even those near football grounds. The most annoying thing is that the owners of the land were able to demolish it without permission. Shocking."

Helen Dempster