How to cash a cheque if your bank branch is closing

You could always go to the Post Office
You could always go to the Post Office

The rise of internet banking has been blamed for the large number of bank branches closing in recent years.

This week saw Santander announce it was shutting in 140 locations around the country.

And many other high street banks have done likewise - meaning there are towns in Lancashire, like Kirkham and Knott End, that have no banks left.

But while the fall in people actually visiting their local branch is often cited as a reason for the closures, what about those times you need to go to the bank?

Many people still do not use online banking - especially the elderly - and some services, like depositing a cheque, still require a face to face service.

But many people facing a longer trip to their nearest bank branch may not realise they could save themselves a journey by heading to the Post Office instead.

Customers of most banks – including all major high street firms – can check their balance, withdraw cash and pay in cheques and cash at any Post Office.

All you need is your card, PIN and – if you’re paying in cheques – a pre-printed slip and a branded envelope.