GUILD HALL CLOSURE: This is everything we know so far after Preston's Grand Hall and Charter Theatre close without warning

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On Thursday (May, 30, 2019) it was announced that Preston Guild Hall and Charter Theatre would be closing with immediate effect.

Here is everything we know about the closure so far:

Preston Guild Hall

Preston Guild Hall

Why has Preston Guild Hall closed?

Entrepreneur Mr Rigby closed the Great Hall and Charter Theatre after negotiations with specialist live music and venues company VMS Live were put on hold.

It comes as the untimely death of the managing director and founder of VMS Live has meant progress has been delayed.

Mr Rigby, who owns the Guild Hall, announced he was in “advanced negotiations” with VMS Live to take over the running of the building in April.

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Who are VMS Live?

VMS Live is a specialist live music and venues company ​based in Manchester, offering bespoke venue development, management, promotional and operational solutions for partner venues.

How long will the venue be closed for?

Simon Rigby told the post in an interview yesterday that he hoped the venue would only be closed for a few weeks.

What can I do if I have purchased tickets?

Any tickets for shows that do not now go ahead will be refunded.

Mr Rigby told the Post that tickets for shows which do not go ahead will be refunded. He said: "I will honour the advance ticket sales.

"Some shows may get cancelled. I’m committed to no members of the public losing money."

For refund queries please contact

Which shows have been affected by the closure?

The Guild Hall website has been taken offline since the closure along with all event listings.

For details on all the events that remain in doubt after the venue's sudden closure click here

What does the closure mean for the rest of the Guild Hall?

The tenants on the ground floor of Preston Guild Hall, including Level, ReView cocktail bar and Safehands Nursery are not affected by the closure of the Great Hall and Charter Theatre.

What does this mean for staff?

Twenty full time staff have been laid off, while another 45 casual staff have been offered work at the Level entertainment complex.

Simon Rigby said yesterday that he hopes the Great Hall and Charter Theatre will only be shut “temporarily” before a new operator picks it up, saving the 20 jobs within the month.

What has been the reaction?

News that Preston Guild Hall would be temporarily shutting was met with shock by members of the public. Read them here