Gas leak takeaway Mama Mia is given a chance to improve

A judge has warned a takeaway owner who failed to tackle a string of gas leaks that he will go to prison unless he tackles a list of 16 improvements.

Combustible materials on fire exit routes at Mama Mia, Lancaster
Combustible materials on fire exit routes at Mama Mia, Lancaster

A string of offences were discovered the Mama Mia outlet in Lancaster.

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Worrying pictures highlight fire risks in Lancaster's Mama Mia takeaway

Preston Crown Court previously heard the takeaway was given a prohibition three years ago due to having no working fire alarm, no fire separation separating all three floors of the building, beds that were deemed “combustible material” on the fire escape routes and no fire risk assessment in place.

At that time Mr Bingol was interviewed under caution and agreed to remove the beds, and no further action was taken.

However, the premises was visited again in 2017 as part of a multi-agency inspection.

Beds were found again upstairs and none of the fire safety measures were put into place.

In addition a number of gas leaks were found in the shop, increasing the chances of a fire, and four people were found on the premises.

Bingol was again cautioned and interviewed and claimed he had no knowledge of the beds upstairs.

During a third visit in November the beds had not been removed, but he had installed a couple of battery operated detectors.

He has since pleaded guilty to eight offences.”

Judge Philip Parry said: “Are you aware of all the requirements of this action plan of things you must do?

“Do you agree that you will address everyone of those requirements on that action plan?”

Bingol, watched by relatives in the public gallery, replied: “Yes I do.”

The judge added: “I make it very clear to you and your family who are sat in the gallery that if you don’t meet each term you will go to prison and your business will inevitably suffer as a result of it.

“I can’t be fairer, I don’t think, and I can’t be clearer.”

He will appear on March 18.