"Noooooooo way!!": Your reaction to Lancashire Tea's outrageous tweet

It all started off on Friday with a seemingly innocuous tweet.

Monday, 9th November 2020, 12:30 pm

The good folk over at Lancashire Tea asked "Do you dunk yer toast?". Yes, in your tea!!

But to say it escalated quickly would be a bit of an understatement. Here's a selection of the reactions:

"God! I knew the North were different, but what sort of savages *are* they to do this?!"

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Ursula Loveridge @teddyhuggy

"Nope. I’m from the north and never have I known anyone in their right mind do this. It’s just wrong."

J spennz @JonnieIlly

"Dipping toast in Hot Chocolate is lovely"

Lancashire Tea's tweet from Friday

Laura -MP for Flydale North @vegangoth

"100000000000% I do!"

Iain Rankin @iainrm70

"I'm a Lancashire Lass and I've never seen that!"

Susan Richardson @EviesAunty

"Of course I dunk my toast but not in Tea, That’s disgusting, My toast is dipped in Soup, broth,Oxo, Bovril or Knor!"

Monster @M6NSTER

"Never !! Although I do take a bite and a swig so it probably tastes same :)"

Deanos Beano @TheDeanosBeano

"I have peanut butter and jam/marmalade on my toast so definitely not! It would be a corruption of flavours"

DaftAda @ada_daft

"This is rotten, imagine all the soggy crumbs at the bottom of the mug"

Lucy Kendrew @lucyalexandra

"Absolutely not. Dunking anything other than a digestive in a hot drink is for the decadent French."

Porcus Maximus @Railpig

"When I was about 8."

Ron Welch @Ronniegooner58

No! Dunk a biscuit or a croissant Yes, but you do Not dunk Toast!

Trainee Stoat @RoyalSalisbury

Philistine! This is not acceptable behaviour. That said, my eldest daughter has dunked her toast since she was a toddler, she's now 40.

Duncan Maxwell @DuncanMaxwell1

I can do without a butter slick in my tea thanks, I really wouldn't like my moustache greasy

W-B-G-3 @WBG31

What kind of depravity is that? I can’t unsee that.

((Ian R H)) @IanRH64

Who, in the name of all that’s Holy, dunks toast??

Fera @ferafestiva23