Morecambe chippy named in top 20 seaside takeaways by national newspaper

The Guardian has named a Morecambe chip shop as one of the best in the UK.

Atkinson’s Fish and Chips has a takeaway on Lancaster Road and a dine-in restaurant and takeaway on Albert Road.

Atkinson’s is described as having ‘a vast portion of sustainably sourced haddock and chips (that) comes in at under a tenner.’

The article also describes the use of ‘spuds (that) are Lancashire grown’, and food ‘served in biodegradable boxes.’

Atkinson's Fish and Chips has been named in the top 20 seaside takeaways in the UK by a national newspaper.

The article, which extols the virtues of fish and chip shops as a ‘national treasure’, lists twenty of the best from across the UK, describing the food as ‘one of the UK’s favourite dishes and it always tastes better with a big portion of sea air.’

Renowned food critic, Jay Rayner, goes on to claim that fish and chips taste better by the coast.

‘’It would be grossly unfair to the many fabulous chippies located inland in this country to say that all the best places for fish and chips in the UK are down by the sea’’, he writes.

‘’…battered white fish and fried potatoes simply tastes better eaten at the seaside.

‘’You need to be on the beach itself or, at a push, perched on a sea wall, with a view out over British waters the colour of a day-old bruise, rippling away to the horizon under gunmetal skies.

‘’The smell of salt on the air down by the beach gives you all the sensory cues you need. It simply makes your fish and chips taste better.

‘’It’s a matter of morale, of comfort, of identity. And the very best place to eat it is down by the sea.’’