Facebook down: How our readers filled the time during social media outage

To some it felt like a long six hours. To others, certainly less so.

With Facebook, Instagram and What’s App hit by significant technical issues on Monday night, we asked you how you filled the void.

And you didn’t let us down...

Allan Durham: Chatted to my wife, actually she's a really nice person, so I'm going to do it again real soon.....

Facebook was hit by a major outage on Monday night

Tim Picton: Discovered TikTok

Sylvia Thompson: Well !! If I’d known it was widespread I wouldn’t have spent so much time trying to sort it out and would have had a better nights sleep.

Judith Emery: There's more to life!

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Kirsty Rawlinson: Wow fill the time! Spend time with my kids like I always do I have facebook but doesnt rule my life

Angela Buckley: Stared at a wall wondering why my boyfriend wasn't messaging me back!

Tony Bartley: Built a time machine in the back bedroom.

Leigh-Marie Davis: Spoke to my family, found out my sister doesn't work at woolworths anymore

Simon Coope: Found out the guy who lives in the spare bedroom is actually my son

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