A company that makes face masks for pets reports a 500% increase in sales

A company that makes face masks for PETS has reported a 500 per cent increase in sales since the coronavirus outbreak.

Saturday, 2nd January 2021, 3:45 pm

New York City-based Pet Masks began making their products to protect our furry friends from air pollution – but sales rocketed once COVID-19 spread across the USA.

“Our sales have increased by about 500 percent,” said Pet Mask’s founder Salitia Henwick, 27, who lives in NYC with her husband and their border collie Cookie.

“It used to be people would just buy them if they stay in very polluted cities or as a novelty accessory.”

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There is confusion about coronavirus and pets

The masks, which can be fitted to cats or dogs, cost $25 USD each and come in three sizes.

According to the Pet Masks website small would suit a Maltese, medium would be great for a corgi and large would fit a Labrador.

The World Health Organisation initially suggested that canines could not contract COVID-19, but on March 19 the Hong Kong government released a statement saying that two dogs had tested positive.

“There is confusion about coronavirus and pets, because the World Health Organisation just removed their advisory on pets getting coronavirus,” said Henwick.

“But there are cases of dogs testing positive for coronavirus. So we will inform our customers of what legitimate news publications are saying as it happens.

“Until we properly understand this new virus, the best thing we can do is take good care of ourselves and our pets.”

The company is advising that Pet Masks should be worn when the animals are outside, or in contact with people who are unwell.

“Please do not abandon your pets in a crisis like this,” urged Henwick.

“Our feedback from customers is that the masks are very comfortable and their pets are very happy walking around in them.

“To help pets adjust to their masks make sure you get the correct size according to our site and make sure the straps are not cutting into them.

“Also, on their first time, don’t leave it on for too long, so they can get used to it slowly.

“We are hoping a vaccine will be found soon…until then please protect yourselves and your pets with appropriate masks.”

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