Brexit means I’ll spend more time in Brussels says MEP

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Lancashire MEP Sajjad Karim has predicted he will be spending more time in Brussels as a result of the Brexit vote.

Welcoming the appointment of Theresa May as the new Prime Minister Mr Karim predicted difficult months ahead as negotiations for Britain to leave the European Union get under way.

He said that as an MEP (Member of the European Parliament) carrying out his usual duties on behalf of the region and UK there would inevitably be additional responsibilities associated with ”trying to navigate the BREXIT process” and he suspected that in coming months he would spend more time in Brussels than ever before.

He continued: “MEPs who have worked constructively on behalf of the United Kingdom in the European Parliament are people with whom both London and Brussels are constructively engaged. Those MEPs understand how these institutions work, they know what is involved and they have the credibility and trust.”

The MEP added: “Whatever deal is finalised has to be approved by the European Parliament and British MEPs are in the most effective position to ensure that MEPs from our fellow European countries understand our perspective and are willing to take through the final settlement.”