BAE Systems launches new digital system to boost RAF mission planning

A New digital information system which will help the RAF plan missions for the Typhoon has been developed at Warton.

Tuesday, 13th August 2019, 10:31 am
Updated Tuesday, 13th August 2019, 11:31 am
The new Sceptre system designed by BAE Systems can be used on a variety of devices

The Sceptre system uses digital and real world information to streamline mission decisions to ensure success.

It draws on huge amounts of command and control information needed to plan and deliver a successful mission and presents this in a simple and actionable way.

BAE Systems has been awarded a contract to deliver Sceptre to the air force to transform the way it plans, briefs, executes and debriefs missions on the Typhoon fleet.

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The new Sceptre system designed by BAE Systems can be used on a variety of devices

The system combines three-dimensional in cockpit views, representation of flight information, potential hazards and conflict detection with real time weather information, an intelligence picture and fast jet performance data.

Sceptre is a modular application and so can be used on a variety of devices including tablets, personal computers and interactive touch tables used for briefing and de-briefing.

It enables the operator to effectively be ‘airborne’ with high situational awareness and able to make better decisions to achieve mission success. Sceptre helps the operator create a better tactical plan for conflicts and contingencies.

Louise Aiken, head of mission planning programmes - mission support and training services, BAE Systems, said: “We have worked with pilots and our customers to create a highly intuitive system in Sceptre which delivers a wealth of information in simple, actionable way that has not been possible before.

“Sceptre will deliver the RAF a very real and tangible information advantage over its adversaries.

“In today’s world, a pilot does not have time to decipher multiple pages of information and this is where Sceptre gives them information in a clear way to allow them to focus on the mission.

“By getting information to them quickly, accurately and clearly, Sceptre allows them to make more informed decisions. We are constantly looking at news ways to exploit technology to develop our products and capabilities and Sceptre is a great example.”