Awards for Lancashire BAE Systems engineers

Engineers from BAE Systems involved in developing engineering solutions behind some of the world's leading aerospace programmes have been recognised for their achievements.

Friday, 29th November 2019, 11:45 am
Winning BAE Systems staff

The company's Air sector collected six individual awards and a further team award at the prestigious Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) awards.

The awards were received for the engineers' involvement in projects including the development of human machine interface (HMI) technology for future combat aircraft and for the planning and delivery of flight trials between the UK's new F-35 Lightning II aircraft and its Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) aircraft carriers.

Its young engineers were also recognised for their personal achievements and their role in inspiring the next generation of engineers.

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The F-35 and the new Queen Elizabeth aircraft career

Ian Muldowney, Engineering Director, BAE Systems - Air, said: “To have received award nominations across a range of individual categories for such a diverse body of work is testament to how our people are truly leading the way in the field of engineering.

“Everyone who has been successful in these awards embodies the values of BAE Systems in delivering operational excellence which makes a real difference to our customers every day.

“Whether it is defining the technologies which will be used by air forces for decades to come, ensuring the safe and successful completion of flight trials between the UK's F-35 aircraft and aircraft carriers, or inspiring the next generation of engineers to believe they too can push the boundaries, our people do amazing things every day.

“I congratulate all the winners on their success and hope their achievements go on to inspire many others to have their own successes recognised by the Society in the future.”

The BAE Systems engineers who collected awards at the annual RAeS prize-giving ceremony were:

*F-35/QEC Carrier Integration Team - Team Silver Medal - given by the Society for major contributions to the advancement of aerospace, science and engineering.

Received for work carried out by a joint military and industry team which planned and conducted the highly-successful First of Class Flight Trials between F-35 Lightning II and the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier in 2018.

*Individual Silver Medal - Dr Steve Hodge – given by the Society for major contributions to the advancement of aerospace, science and engineering.

Received for his work in developing a world-leading flight simulator which enabled pilots from the F-35 Integrated Test Force, the UK's F-35 Lightning II fleet and personnel from HMS Queen Elizabeth to prepare for First of Class Flight Trials.

The pilots performed more than 3,000 simulated take-offs and landings to prepare for delivering an extensive and safe programme of trials between the jet and aircraft carrier in 2018.

For his work, Dr Hodge received personal thanks from the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force F-35 test pilots for his key role in the trials preparations.

*Jean Page – Roger Green Medal - given by the Society in recognition of work in the field of Human Factors.

Received for work developing a technology showcase for a future cockpit built around wearable, virtual and augmented reality technologies which recognised the potential to enhance human performance in future combat aircraft.

*Sophie Harker – Young Person’s Achievement Award - given by the Society to a young person who has shown exceptional achievement or promise in aerospace.

Received for her creative and innovative work on advanced designs and concepts for future combat aircraft, including her work alongside Reaction Engines to develop the SABRE hybrid air-breathing rocket engine system and apply its technologies to other novel aerospace projects, such as hypersonic air vehicles.

She was also recognised for achieving chartered engineer status at 25 years old and her work as an inspirational ambassador for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) including creating a not-for-profit organisation to encourage more young people into engineering.

*Laura Hoang – Herbert Le Sueur – Named award given by the Society to a young person for their contribution to the industry

Received for her individual work developing systems engineering models which supported in improving the efficiency of the training system for the global F-35 Lightning II fleet, as well as for the UK fleet.

Her nomination was jointly submitted by her BAE Systems Inc. manager, Annette Hackenberg, and Dave Bolton of Lockheed Martin, the prime contractor for the F-35 programme.

*Graham Roe – Distinguished Service Award - given by the Society in recognition of long service in support of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Received in recognition of the contribution to the Royal Aeronautical Society having been an active member since 1975 when he joined the branch based at our site in Brough, East Yorkshire.

* Certificate of Merit (22-30 age category) - Thomas Hartas - given by the Society in recognition of achievement by a young person.

Received in recognition of achievements in career as an aerodynamicist for BAE Systems.