"And they spoil it for those who have genuine complaints" - Reader reaction after Chorley couple ordered to pay £30,000 over false holiday sickness claims

Martin and Lindsey Brown of Chorley posing with a parrot on holiday
Martin and Lindsey Brown of Chorley posing with a parrot on holiday
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A Chorley couple have been ordered to pay Jet2holidays almost £30,000 after they made false sickness claims while on holiday in Turkey.

Martin and Lindsey Brown, 38 and 35, who were staying at the Emre Hotel in Marmaris in 2016 made the claim for compensation after stating that they had suffered with stomach cramps, diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea as a result of food poisoning contracted whilst on an all-inclusive 10-night holiday.

After investigating the claim, Jet2holidays, the Emre Hotel, and law firm Horwich Farrelly were able to reveal a wealth of evidence showing that the claims were both pre-meditated and a complete fabrication, including, footage of dancing by the poolside on holiday in Turkey and being pictured posing with a parrot.

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The story has received a strong reaction from readers, here are just some of the many comments:

Its because of people like them that Brits will have to pay more for insurance and holidays if this isn't stopped.
Stella Sansom Harper PT

Cancel their passports simples. They deserve everything they get. Pushing up the cost of everyone else’s holidays.
Simon Lancaster

And they spoil it for those who have genuine complaints ...
Jakki Smith

Not so clever now are they. This has made my day.
R Carl Ainscow

They deserve everything they get
Linda M Baldwin

People like them put hotels out of business
Sandra McIntosh

Simon Holmes

Glad they got caught - want to go on holiday pay for it like the rest of the honest ones x
Donna Halton

This is why things cost more than they possibly could be. Fraudsters pushing insurance and associated other costs and prices up!!
Simon Hodge

Too right that's what pushed the cost up
Linda Gibbings ​