A bald move for Chorley auxiliary nurse and GrooM RooM barber Darren

Darren Moore at his barber shop GrooM RooM in Chorley
Darren Moore at his barber shop GrooM RooM in Chorley

Clients at GrooM RooM in Chorley know they are in safe hands with barber Darren Moore.

The 53-year-old is a 
self-confessed workaholic, as when he is not running his barber’s business, he is an auxiliary nurse at Chorley Hospital.

Darren Moore  with Tamara Feast

Darren Moore with Tamara Feast

He has worked with the hospital for 14 years, moving up the ranks until he took up his current role six years ago,

But he had a new career idea and launched GrooM RooM traditional barbers in High Street three years ago,

He says: “It has just been my life’s path to try different things. As long as you don’t restrict yourself, you can try all sorts.

“I moved from Bolton to Chorley 25 years ago and was a van driver for a bakery and then was a wagon driver for DPD, where I made deliveries to Chorley Hospital.

It has just been my life’s path to try different things. As long as you don’t restrict yourself, you can try all sorts.

Darren Moore

“I gave that up and decided to open my own business, supplying flags and flagpoles - Supporter Flags and Promotions Ltd, in 2006.

“When I told the head porter at Chorley Hospital that I was leaving DPD, he asked me to drive wagons for them before I worked my office hours, from 7am until 9am. I thought I could do more than one thing, so took that on.

“After I sold that business in 2009, I became a porter at Chorley Hospital.

“After a while, I became a bit disillusioned with the porter department and so I wanted a new challenge.

Darren Moore with a client

Darren Moore with a client

“I worked in theatre as an assistant for seven months and I was quite happy with that work.

“As I had worked there for seven years, I was well known around the hospital, so the manager of the medical assessment unit asked me to be patient flow co-ordinator.

“That was a very interesting job. I was helping to ensure there were beds and spaces available for people coming from A&E and GP referrals.

“I had to liaise with other wards

“When that role finished, I became an auxiliary nurse healthcare assistant, which is more hands on with patient care.

“Whilst nurses take care of medications and paperwork, I look after the physical care of patients.

“I am in the privileged position of helping people through their recovery after they have come through medical assessment.”

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Darren, of Cuerden, now works at the hospital on a Sunday and every fourth Monday, as he is now focusing on his own business – GrooM RooM.

He adds: “Taking on GrooM RooM was all accidental really.

“I was thinking of starting a new life in New York and one day I went to a cash machine in Chorley.

“I was parked outside the barbershop which was up for sale and I ended up buying it.

“My son, James, 26, was a barber and so we worked together for a while.

“But now he has gone in a different direction as a customer sales engineer.”

Darren has also found a way to link his two careers together.

He says: “Everything I learn whilst working at the hospital I can use at the barbers. For example, with skin conditions, I have learnt before I start shaving that it is wise to ask if people are taking blood thinning medication. If anything happens while shaving, I want to know what to do.

“I have learnt a lot and it has stood me in good stead.”

Darren admits that out of all his jobs, he loves being a barber the most.

He says: “I love everything about it. I love the customer interaction.

“I am a traditional barbers, so there is a connection to the past.

“I use a cut throat razor and hot towels, which leaves clients feeling immaculate. It is really satisfying knowing I have given something that makes people feel superb. They look at themselves in the mirror and are happy.”

The big question is, however, does Darren ever take a day off?

He answers: “I work six days a week and occasionally I do take some time off.

“I have another member of staff, Tamara Feast, who I can leave in charge.”