The humble chip gets top billing at Preston's newest takeaway

Kings Chips in Fishergate.
Kings Chips in Fishergate.
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It’s “hello Mr Chips” with the opening of the newest business on Preston’s prime shopping street.

And owner Jeremy Lamont is keeping it plain and simple for customers of King’s Chips in Fishergate.

The nation’s favourite support act gets top billing at Jeremy’s takeaway – because he sells nothing but chips.

No fish, no pies, no sausages... just chips, with a selection of between 15 and 20 sauces to put on them.

That said, they aren’t your average chips. No sir. They’re Belgian/Dutch chips, cooked in a special way in rapeseed oil to make them crisp on the outside and fluffy in the middle.

“It’s going very well – we have had a great reception,” said Jeremy, pictured right, who has started the business with the help of his girlfriend Rumbie Fusire. “People are really enjoying our chips. The comments we have had since we opened have been great – and very humbling.”

Jeremy got the idea to open a chips-only takeaway during a trip to Amsterdam. There the Dutch share a style of chip-making with their next-door neighbours Belgium and after sampling them Jeremy decided the people of Lancashire would find them to their taste.

“They are cooked twice, at different temperatures,” he said. “And then the final part is down to what they put on them. We have a selection of between 15 and 20 sauces – Dutch, Belgian and traditional British sauces – which we reckon the folk in Preston will just love.

“They taste amazing, even though I say so myself. We use a special type of potato and we take great care with how we cook them.

“We use special rapeseed oil to fry them in and we change that every single day. We also cut them by hand. It’s quite labour intensive, but it is worth it when you sample the final product.

“It’s nothing radical, they are just chips. But it is the way they are cooked and the sauces we put on them that make them so special.”