Just one last burgers and fries at Grillaz before the new year shake - up

Big Daddy Burger and steak chips at Grillaz
Big Daddy Burger and steak chips at Grillaz
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It was so named ‘Mad Friday’ when a friend and I thought it best to get a bite to eat on our pre-Christmas night out in Preston city centre

The plan had been to start the evening with an early pub tea at the local in Fulwood but the kitchen closing at 4pm had put paid to that.

veggie sweet pizza at Grillaz

veggie sweet pizza at Grillaz

A quick taxi to Friargate found us at the new Plau Gin and Beer House but arriving outside and tummies rumbling the sudden smell of grilled burger from the street lured us instead to Grillaz a few doors down.

Lining the stomach with one of their steak specials, the night continued in earnest.

Both of us suffered the effects of that night/early morning long into the weekend but it was nothing to do with the food.

So this week having seen some chatter on Facebook on how good the burgers were, it seemed a good excuse in the final throes of the Christmas period to squeeze in another hearty takeaway and then live a healthy January...

Loading up Just Eat from the app, an order was simple enough and the menu selection is plentiful from gourmet burgers, steaks, curries, pizzas, wraps, kebabs even a sizzling hot plate.

With that health kick in mind, it seemed only right to go large one last time The Big Daddy burger appealed to the taste buds

Ground beef, marinated cut steak fillet, peppers, onions, cheddar cheese slice, egg, sliced tomato, lettuce, salsa sauce and garlic mayo for 60p extra fries can be upgraded for the special steak chips – this is a must.

The little lad wanted a burger too so added to the order was a sunny side burger.

It is easy enough to amend orders through the app, so a request was added of no salsa and garlic mayo , the four-year-old is not too fond of spice just yet, unfortunately this note appeared to have been missed.

A veggie sweet pizza 12” mushrooms, red onion, sweet peppers, sweetcorn and pineapple was the choice of the five year old.

In total with a £2 delivery charge the bill was just under £25 , maybe slightly more expensive than the average takeaway.

It arrived on time, although the driver noted deliveries were only intended for within a three -mile radius, not mentioned on the Just Eat site so worth noting.

The burgers were very tasty but the salsa sauce was even a little too hot for me and it overpowered much of the flavours so both of us ended up eating without the bun.

The pizza was delicious and a good size for sharing, a 10 inch would have been more than ample for one.

Suitably satisfied for the rest of January.

Grillaz Burger Bar, 121 Friargate, Preston