Feeling hot, hot, hot ... try Caribbean cuisine

Caribbean Spice: Curried Goat.'Takeaway review
Caribbean Spice: Curried Goat.'Takeaway review
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TAKEAWAY REVIEW: Caribbean Spice

When it’s wet and miserable outside, we all dream of escaping to somewhere hot and sunny such as the Caribbean.

Carribean Spice - Beef Stew'Takeaway review

Carribean Spice - Beef Stew'Takeaway review

Fed up with the constant drizzle of rain in Preston, we decided to settle for the next best thing and sample a slice of the Caribbean with a takeaway.

In the mood for something different from the usual Indian or Chinese, we were delighted to discover takeaway delivery site Justeat delivered food from Caribbean Spice on Manchester Road in Preston.

As an added bonus, the takeaway was offering a 20 per cent discount on the night we ordered.

Caribbean food wouldn’t be the same without curried goat, so we ordered a large portion of this with rice and peas (£9 before discount).

We also ordered that other staple of Caribbean food - half a jerk chicken (£7 before discount).

We completed our food haul with a regular portion of stewed beef with rice and peas (£6.50) and a large chicken curry with rice and peas (£8).

On unwrapping our food, the first thing that struck us was the discrepancy between the large and regular portions as they looked the same to us.

The supposedly large curried goat came in a normal sized foil container and we couldn’t help thinking we would have received the same quantity if we’d ordered the regular size.

On tasting the goat curry, we discovered it was aromatic and full of flavour - but the downside was it contained a lot of bones which made eating it a bit fiddly and meant there wasn’t as much meat as we would have liked.

The curry itself was wonderful though and the perfect strength as it was tasty without being blow your head off hot.

The chicken curry was also deliciously different and the meat was nice and tender.

The jerk chicken was a triumph as it was wonderfully authentic and the blend of spices coating the chicken made it as good as we experienced in Jamaica.

The beef stew came in a rich, dark sauce and was enjoyable - but the dish featured a common problem we experienced with all the main courses - there wasn’t enough sauce to go with the rice and peas making it rather dry to eat.

Overall, everything was enjoyable - but it would have been even better with less bones and more sauce.