Falafel Plus: Preston takeaway review

Halloumi Falafel from Falafel Plus, in Preston
Halloumi Falafel from Falafel Plus, in Preston
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Sometimes it seems as if street food is everywhere.

Supermarket shelves, restaurants, shopping centres, Jamie Oliver cook books even, occasionally, on the streets.
Falafel Plus very much qualifies as street food right down to serving up great food on the street.

Stocks Street to be precise. One of the little side streets no-one knows the name of in the heartland of the University of Central Lancashire .
The green van has decamped to the corner plot on the corner of Fylde Street after a couple of years in the Flag Market.

What is the shoppers of Preston’s loss is the students of UCLan’s gain.
As the name suggests the Falafel Plus dishes up fare with a Middle Eastern flavour and that means falafels with everything.

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Garden Falafal (with cauliflower and fried aubergine), Gulf Style Falafel (with chips and chilli salad) and Mexibna Style Falafel (with fried onion, peppers and chilli sauce).
All sound promising but we exchanged our hard earned cash for a Classic Falafel (£3), Halloumi Falafel (£3.50)and Chicken Shawarma (£3.50).

All three are served up in wraps with a fresh salad, hummous and tahini sauce. The idea of street food is it is quick and fresh and those two boxes were ticked with a golden tick.
Each of the falafel-based bites came with three light and tasty golf balls of Lebanese goodness. General agreement seemed to be you’d be hard pressed to beat them on the streets of Beirut or the Beqaa Valley.

Both wraps are the same with the halloumi version adding three slices of salty, grilled cheese along their length for your extra 50p.
The shawarma wrap was packed with chicken and the tahini sauce added a nice smokey flavour to the taste mix. Very good.

One small sign of the quality of a fast food place can be found in the contents of the ubiquitous salad. If the tomato slices are sliding around the preparation tray in a bath of their own juice and the lettuce is starting to curl it matters.
This is not just padding to fill out a wrap instead of the good stuff but part of the good stuff and at Falafel Plus the salad is just-sliced fresh.

With plenty of takeaways to compete with in what is, without doubt, Preston’s best stocked neighbourhood for fast food, Falafel Plus has secured itself a prime pitch and a fighting chance thanks to its fresh food and reasonable prices.
Don’t just leave it for the students, it is worth a trip across town to try.