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Memories of Morecambe’s sunny heydays

A new booklet by Peter Wade entitled Grand Days Out brings back memories of a time when Morecambe was the entertainment capital of North Lancashire. The Floral Hall and Central Pier regularly presented big name acts including The Who, Rolling Stones and Beatles, or there were traditional end of the pier shows such as Starlights and Gaytime, summer spectaculars at the Winter Gardens, weekly repertory theatre at the Royalty, laughter at the Alhambra with the likes of Max Wall and Hylda Baker, as well as the round of cinemas, concerts, bathing beauties, festivals, parades and view the famous Illuminations.

Diver operating an underwater airlift.

How Tom helped to raise the Mary Rose

The Mary Rose, flagship of Henry VIII’s fleet, was raised from its tomb in the Solent in 1982 by a group of scientists, archaeologists and Royal Engineer divers. Reporter Michelle Blade spoke to one of the divers involved in the project, Tom Bridges, who was born in Lancaster, brought up in Heysham and is publishing his fascinating story as a book

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