The Larder staff (from left) Helen Weir, Kay Johnson, and Chryssa Malfa-Erguvan.

The Larder: the café helping tackle food poverty in Preston

The direct correlation between the number of fast food restaurants and deprivation is stark in Preston, a city which boasts one of the highest densities of fast food outlets per population in the entire country and in which 44% of children live below the poverty line. Such realities make for severely bleak reading, but a local small social enterprise is primed and ready for a fightback.
Nicola Terry

Deafway: From Preston to Nepal, the Deaf charity changing lives

Deafway has been supporting the Deaf community for 125 years. Founded in 1894 as a Deaf school, it is now the only Deaf charity in Lancashire, with its work extending as far as Nepal, Uganda, and Kenya. But their work is far from over. "It's 2020 and Deaf people don't have the same quality of life as other people do," said Nicola Terry. "They face barriers every day."

Centre Coordinator Angela Moss with a member of the community.

The Lifestyle Centre: A social hub, a cafe, and a family for Chorley's elderly

The Lifestyle Centre in Chorley is a special place. "People take ownership of it: it's ours and there are people who've been coming for years," said Angela Moss, Centre Coordinator. "A woman came in the other day asking about our mural, so we went around to see it and she told me she'd painted it 15 years before. It was still so bright. It was lovely to see she had left her mark."

Eating Out
Andrew Kesiak leading a session with Project 20 Guitars

Project 20 Guitars: tune-up and change your life, Chorley style

It’s never too late to learn. Wise words one could do far worse than live by. And any errant naysayers keen to cock a snook at the authenticity of such a saying need only head to the chapel at Lisieux Hall in Chorley of a Monday night. There they will find a Project 20 Guitars session in full swing.

The Breathe Therapies team

Breathe Therapies: The unique holistic Preston mental health service

Almost two decades ago, Shelley Perry was struggling with an eating disorder whilst undertaking her medical studies at St. Martin's University in Lancaster. Convinced that her problems were not merely physical, mental, or social, but a more complex combination of the three, she astutely approached her GP and enquired about a more holistic treatment model.

Gemma and Isobel Pulsford

Babywearing with Preston Slings: "It’s a complete life-changer"

Carrying your baby in a sling, holding them close as they sleep, is about as natural a parental activity as there is. A pram can be as high-tech as it likes, but it will never match the skin-on-skin contact of having your child so close, and so it’s understandable, therefore, that babywearing as it’s called is getting more and more popular.

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