Sauna and a wine store: grand coastal £1.25m mansion has it all

We all love the sea. There's something calming and reassuring about the sea. It's loud, but relaxing; cold, but made for warm days. A home on the seafront is the dream, therefore, and when it comes to such living in the UK, the North West has some of the nicest offerings going. Case in point: this £1.25m superhome.


Downton Abbey-style 10-bedroom Ribble Valley mega-mansion sells for £2.5m

The UK's most famous pub chain, Wetherspoons, is famous for taking old buildings - most of them historic and beautiful - and reviving them to great effect and re-purposing them as public houses. Now I don't want to overplay how large and wonderful this house is, but put it this way: I'd be shocked if Tim Martin didn't take a look at Bramley Meade Hall.
From cha-cha to Latin tango, Dancers Preston are exponents of pretty much every kind of dancing known to feet. (credit: Dancers Preston)

Dancers Preston: Teaching the North West how to jive since 1979

Once a year, a cabal of burly rugby players from Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Football Club swap their scrum caps and gun shields for sequins and a flourish as they take part in a Strictly-style dance competition organised by Dancers Preston, one of the region’s top dance schools. The two sporting entities from either end of the spectrum of physical rough-and-tumble share a home, and the get-together is universally well-loved.


The bargain of the Millennium: 19th-century three-bedroom cottage up for auction at £139,000

Everyone loves a bargain. It's in our nature to enjoy the prospect of getting a sliver of extra value for our hard-earned money - it's like a bonus cherry on top of that something sweet and tantalising which you were already committed to paying for anyways. But when it comes to life's more important purchases - cars, football players, a new six-pack of underwear - bargains are fewer and further between. Enter: this eye-poppingly good-value 19th century cottage up for auction with a starting price of just £139,000...

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