It was the end of an era for Preston's police force

'End of an era for city’s police force'

On Friday, April 26, a final biennial meeting took place at the Lonsdale Club, Fulwood Hall Lane, Preston. It was a meeting of the remaining police members since the transition of the Preston Borough Police Force - on April 1, 1969 - into the Lancashire Constabulary force.

The fracking site at Preston New Road

‘Pro-fracking letter will mislead readers’

Andy, via email, I am trusting that your letter in Friday’s Lancashire Post, Fracking will help reduce pollution, was written in good faith on the basis of misunderstanding and not with any attempt to mislead readers (LP Letters, May 10).

A reader says: 'We worked hard for pensions and perks'

'We worked hard for pensions and ‘perks’'

A House of Lords committee, chaired by Lord (Baron) True, recently proposed that pensioners should be stripped of various ‘perks’. These included the free TV licence for the over 75s, winter heating allowance and free bus passes.

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