KNIFE CRIME: Are body scanners needed in our schools?

One in 10 children have told their parents they have seen another pupil carrying a knife in school, a frightening statistic has revealed.
Susan Crawford.

Using creativity to deal with cancer journey

Knitwear designer and writer Susan Crawford is highly creative so when she was suddenly diagnosed with breast cancer, she dealt with it in the way she knew best - creatively sharing her journey.

AASMA DAY finds out more.

Aasma Day

Congratulations! Oops ... you're not pregnant ...

There’s nothing quite like a pregnant pause... and there’s nothing as awkward as the pregnant pause you get when you congratulate a woman on her impending arrival – when she’s not actually pregnant.
Mandy and Paul McFarlane

Preston wife donated her kidney to save husband's life

Mandy and Paul McFarlane are the perfect match in every way – apart from their kidneys which only matched by one factor.

Kimberlee Ooshuizen, 16, from Chorley

Brave Kim faces years of dialysis before transplant

A teenager suddenly diagnosed with chronic kidney disease who was given a new kidney by her mum is now back on dialysis after the disease returned.

Bailey Edward Burgess born at 10.46am weighing 6lb 1oz to Chloe Burgess and Antony Reynolds from Preston.

Born in a bath and a late arrival as we meet Christmas Day babies at the Royal Preston Hospital

He may not have been born in a stable or laid in a manger but one of the Christmas Day babies born in Preston made his arrival in an unusual setting.
Your lancashire
Oliver Ashton, who will be turning 18 this Christmas Day.'Doctors initially told his parents he was unlikely to live past the age of two'Oliver with his mum Yvette Browne and dad Ian Ashton

‘Our Oliver was a Christmas miracle baby, now he’s 18’

Baby born with one of rarest conditions in the country is celebrating his milestone birthday this year. Parents Yvette and Ian tell AASMA Day about their inspirational child who has fought to overcome many, many obstacles.

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These words are the true meaning of Christmas presents ...

I know it’s the “thought that counts” but some people must have some downright bad and malevolent thoughts judging by some of the Christmas presents people receive.

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Embarrassing yourself on the Christmas night out ...

If it’s the morning after the night before and you’ve woken up with your mouth feeling like the inside of a birdcage, your head pounding and a sinking feeling that you want to crawl back under your duvet until January, the chances are you’re recovering from your work’s Christmas party.

Aasma Day

Please don't write off the traditional Christmas card ...

Tis the season to be jolly... but the emotion that starts hitting me with a vengeance at this time of year is guilt.

Ryan Dixon

"I had a stroke aged eight"

Rugby mad youngster Ryan Dixon had always been fit and sporty with no health issues.

Jade Benson with husband Andrew on their wedding day

“I was ready to give up on my life with ME ... but Perrin treatment miraculously changed everything”

A Lancashire woman who battled with the debilitating illness for most of her life and was not expected to live beyond her 20s enjoyed a miraculous turnaround after undergoing revolutionary treatment.

Jade Benson tells AASMA DAY her amazing story and why she is now raising awareness of the Perrin Technique which has just been highlighted in a study for its effectiveness in diagnosing the condition

Aasma Day

What you see isn't always what you get ...

Is it just me or is anyone else totally confused about what day it is today?

Aasma Day

'I know I parked it here somewhere ...'

There’s something about human nature that makes us secretly revel when we discover someone has trumped us in the doing something embarrassing or stupid stakes.

Ruth Naylor - Real Life Story

Mum who seems to have the perfect life says cancer means she might not live to enjoy it

Mum-of-two Ruth Naylor who was suddenly told she had cancer at the age of 32 is urging people not to make snap assumptions about others as appearances can be deceptive.

She tells AASMA DAY about her shock diagnosis and why she is determined to beat cancer and be around for her children.

Aasma Day

Blabbing secrets by accident

‘Three may keep a secret ... if two of them are dead.’

Alison Baker with partner Chad Battersby and their daughter Pippa

‘After losing our baby daughter, I could never imagine being happy again’

Fear and anxiety surrounding pregnancy and childbirth is called tokophobia and often affects those who have experienced traumatic births or suffered the heartache of losing a baby.

Alison Baker suffered the tragedy of losing her first daughter Macy soon after birth, which resulted in her experiencing a lot of anxiety during the pregnancy and birth of her second daughter Pippa.

She tells AASMA DAY her story and how Pippa has brought happiness back into their life, although they will never forget Macy

Kyran Peet.

“Like most people going into their teens, I thought I was more grown-up than I actually was” - child sex exploitation survivor

A child sexual exploitation survivor says that young people often think they are more grown-up than they are, leaving them at risk of grooming from online predators.

Teenager Kyran Peet tells AASMA DAY his story and how he believes the world of social media can be a dangerous place for children and how they should either steer clear or only befriend people they already know.

Phil Woodford on his first home visit before discharge from hospital

‘I’d just cycled 30 miles ... and suddenly had a stroke at 45’

Many people mistakenly believe strokes only strike older people.

Phil Woodford knows only too well this is a myth as he suddenly suffered a stroke at the age of 45 and is now re-building his life.

He tells AASMA DAY his story.

Aasma Day

Braving sickness and soldiering on ...

No matter how bad things get, you can always rely on the British to display a stiff upper lip and fortitude in the face of adversity.

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