“I met my man and had the baby I thought I’d never have ... all within a year”

Like many people, Lindsey Briggs-Hackford dreamed of meeting the perfect man and having children together.

Anne-Marie with husband Brian and daughters Chloe, Ellie and Rosie

Lancashire mum’s joy thanks to life-saving skin cancer drugs trial

A Lancashire mum who had planned poignant goodbye messages for her children after suddenly being diagnosed with inoperable skin cancer is back on her feet thanks to a life-saving cancer drugs trial.

David Barnett, author and journalist, as he is today

“Redundancy gave me the push I needed to follow my dreams”

Author and journalist David Barnett looks set to have his successful novel Calling Major Tom turned into a film. David, a former Lancashire Post and Wigan Post journalist, tells AASMA DAY his story and how redundancy gave him the push to follow his dreams.

Peppa Pig

Peppa - the pig people love to hate

One of the best things about being a parent is the fact you have a legitimate excuse to regress back to childhood and indulge in the guilty pleasure of watching children’s television shows.
Aasma Day

Honesty is the best policy ... until your child embarrasses you

Parents strive to teach their children honesty is the best policy ... but they’re often left eating their words when their little ones blurt out the most embarrassing things in public,

Bridie Gallagher, left, and Dr Sue Knowles, right,  wrote My Anxiety Handbook together with Phoebe McEwen

Lancashire psychologist co-writes guide to help young people with anxiety

As a child, Sue Knowles remembers being very anxious and being particularly affected by social anxiety during her teenage years.

Neil Sutcliffe

NHS AT 70: 'They gave me an extra 20 years of life'

If it hadn’t been for the heroic medics of the NHS, Neil Sutcliffe would have died 20 years ago when he had a heart attack.

Sam Tyrer   now working full time on helping people with mental health issues and suicidal thoughts

Alerting our young to the dangers of a ‘false reality’

Social media gives people a false sense of reality, and too many can get caught up in a world that is not real and find themselves comparing their own life unfavourably.

Takeaway review. Most Wanted, Friargate, Preston

TAKEAWAY REVIEW: A kebab when sober turns out to be delicious ...


78 Friargate, Preston PR1 2ED

Tel: 01772 888811

Food and Drink

Twin with Down’s Syndrome takes his first steps WATCH: VIDEO

A Lancashire mum of twins who both have Down’s Syndrome has spoken of her joy after one of them started taking his first steps.

Emma Lowe talks to AASMA DAY about how she is working to raise awareness to dispel negativity surrounding Down’s Syndrome.

Fitbits - you can run ... or you can cheat!

How to cheat with a Fitbit

So I’ve got myself one of those electronic tags  – not one of those tags around my ankle to show I’m being monitored for my criminal behaviour but one of those fitness gizmos to make me feel guilty about my inactivity.
Sinead Joyce, with Helen Byrne, her longest serving carer, has celebrated her 21st birthday

Preston girl once given last rites as baby is celebrating her 21st birthday

Given the devastating news that doctors had tried everything with their baby girl but were now going to switch her life support off as she would not survive, heartbroken parents Michael and Kathleen Joyce begged medics not to turn the machine off and give daughter Sinead a bit longer.


Jam or cream first? Milk in tea before or after water? What are your food habits?

Forget politics, war and sporting events – there’s nothing that divides the nation more than arguing about our nosh.

Full English on a spade

I want a plate ... not a spade

I’ve always been the type of person to call a spade a spade... but I draw the line at calling a spade a plate.

Julie with Phil, and their children Harvey, 15 and Isabella, 14.

How footballer’s wife Julie Neville ditched chemicals for a healthier life

Hurling some betablockers prescribed by the doctor into a rubbish bin, Julie Neville felt it was a cathartic moment where she was taking back control of her life.

Health 2
The joys of a mixtape

Let's rewind to the good old days of mixtapes ...

As romantic souls scour shops for the perfect gift for their loved ones, the realisation hit me that the younger generation will never know the joy of giving or receiving that  low-cost yet priceless present of a mixtape.
Aasma Day's messy desk (in one of its tidier moments)

Messy desk? Don't worry, it's a sign you're a genius ...

‘If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what then is an empty desk a sign?’

Aasma Day

Parking note writers drive me round the bend ...

What is it about a strip of pavement that turns people into absolute parking plonkers?

Aasma Day

Meetings are indispensible ... when you don't want to do anything

‘A meeting is an event at which the minutes are kept and the hours are lost ...’

Paula Iddon who was infected with hepatitis C after being given contaminated blood through a blood transfusion after suffering a miscarriage.

Women given contaminated blood after miscarriage and childbirth

The contaminated blood scandal saw thousands of patients given infected blood or blood products by the NHS leaving them with infections such as hepatitis C, among them were women who had transfusions after childbirth or miscarriage.

As part of our series Blood On Their Hands, AASMA DAY talks to two women infected.

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