You’re the Swan that I want

Moscow Ballet, Swan Lake  Picture: Mike ScottMoscow Ballet, Swan Lake  Picture: Mike Scott
Moscow Ballet, Swan Lake Picture: Mike Scott
Moscow City Ballet: Swan LakeManchester Opera House

It is renowned as one of the world’s most romantic ballets – and it did not disappoint.

You know a show is wonderful when the audience is on their feet at the end shouting ‘Bravo’ – and let me tell you, that praise was truly deserved.

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Swan Lake is The Moscow City Ballet’s signature piece and familiar to many, even more so since the release of the film Black Swan.

As with any well known show it can be hard to keep the magic alive, but the company excel and keep Swan Lake as fresh as ever.

We follow the tale of Prince Siegfried and his love for Odette who spends her days as a white swan, and his betrayal of her through the deception of the evil sorcerer Von Rothbart and the black swan Odile.

Siegfried meets Odette while on a hunting expedition – she and her friends are under a spell cast by evil Von Rothbart. They turn into swans and true love is the only thing to help her return to her real form.

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Tchaikovsky’s score brings the whole to life, and the highlights in the later acts with intense and edgy dancing.

The court scene is gripping as black swan Odile tricks the Prince into thinking she is the white swan, Odette. Both roles were played by Liliya Orekhova who was magnificent opposite Talgat Kozhabaev as Siegfried.

She mesmerised in both roles, giving a beautiful performance throughout.

From beginning to end the audience was hooked and it was a stunning performance.

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Another notable performance was that of Aleksei Moskvichev as the humorous jester offering up lighter moments to the audience.

Tchaikovsky’s familiar and beautiful score combined with impressive costumes and a great use of lighting to create the two different worlds all made for a wonderful performance.

Of course, it goes without saying the dancers were incredible adding a sense of magic to the this much loved story.

There’s a reason this ballet is always billed as the critics’ choice. It’s one not to be missed.

Laura Wild

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