What do we think of it so far?

Morecambe - The Dukes - Lancaster

Sunday, 25th May 2014, 4:00 pm
Tim Whitnall's play celebrating Eric Morecambe.
Tim Whitnall's play celebrating Eric Morecambe.

Just a week short of the 30th anniversary of his tragic death, aged just 58, comedy legend Eric Morecambe returned in triumph to a stage down the road from the home town that gave him the name for which millions knew him.

Morecambe, a laughter filled, tear-jerking romp through the life of the seaside resort’s most famous son, came back to the Dukes in Lancaster three years since it first appeared here.

Once again, the sell out audiences loved it.

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The play, starring Bob Golding and directed by Paul Hendy, won standing ovations in 2011 that were repeated this week.

And, once again, I couldn’t help feel that ovations and the affection that swept off the audience were as much for Eric Morecambe himself as they were for Golding’s uncanny ability to breathe life into his creation with impeccable comic timing.

Golding is quite spooky in the unerring way that he becomes Eric.

From his unprepossessing beginnings around Lancashire theatres, guided by his mother Sadie, to a chance meeting with fellow child act Ernie Wise (Wiseman at the time), to their reign at the top of television comedy fame in the 70s, Eric’s life and work is seized and loved by Golding, who releases it back to his fans old and young with a joy that is matched by those watching.

Unlike the comedy sketch that was voted the fans’ favourite, Golding gets all the right notes and puts them in exactly the right order.

What do we think of the show so far?

Oh, we love it.

Elaine Singleton