Tiptoe Through the Tombstones

Penwortham St Mary’s 
Amateur Dramatic SocietySt Mary’s Church Hall, Penwortham

Friday, 22nd November 2013, 4:00 pm
Theatre review
Theatre review

With such a title you might think this is a gloomy production with a churchyard set.

Not so! This is a sparkling comedy thriller.

Over the years several ancestors and siblings of the strange Tomb family have died in mysterious circumstances; now the surviving members have gathered at Monument House for the reading of the latest victim’s will even though Monica cannot be 
declared dead for several years because her body was never found.

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Philip McLaughlin gives a fine portrayal of Mortimer Crayle – the family lawyer – who is out to eliminate the Tombs en masse by poisoning them.

With a laugh like a pantomime baddie he puts his plan into action as he swaps the decanters for those he has pre-prepared.

A great performance by Craig Wilkinson brings the character of Vernon Prewitt to life – something of a cross between Shaun from Coronation Street and Larry Grayson.

His first appearance – a vision in pink – armed with dusters and polish breathes life into the old cobwebby panelled room which, for some unknown reason, is lined with completely bare bookshelves.

Vernon’s sidekick is Edna, the maid (Heather Spencer), and Zoe (Rachael James) is the efficient secretary.

Are they involved in the poisonings?

For her directorial debut Susan Spencer has chosen a good cast.

Each character is developed and believable.

Octavia (Barbara Brown) stern and upright in black evening dress; 
Henrietta (Julie Harrison) kindly, dressed in tweeds; Athene (Adele Bird) copper-haired and ethereal; Augustus with crazy hair and plus fours; Fabia (Maria Adamson) a floosy with an annoying laugh.

The cast is completed by Larry Lewis (Ian Spencer) aka Coughdrop the Clown who knocks on their door for help after his car breaks down.

Nothing is what it seems. People disappear.

The bodies pile up?

Who is responsible?

You’ll have to go to find out – and you’ll thoroughly enjoy it!

It ends on Saturday.

Jenny Robson

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