Sean HughesThe Dukes, Lancaster

This feel-good performance had the Dukes roaring with laughter as Sean Hughes hit Lancaster with his comical genius.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 17th November 2013, 10:00 am
Sean Hughes
Sean Hughes

Known and loved for his cynical approach, Former Never Mind the Buzzcocks captain Hughes has been touring the UK with his hit stand-up evening, Life Becomes Noise before stopping at the Dukes Theatre on Wednesday.

I have to admit, I wasn’t overly familiar with the Irish comic other than his appearances on the BBC pop quiz show, therefore – was in two minds on how my evening at the Dukes would go – I needn’t have worried. The poignant tale gives a heart warming yet hilarious insight to the inevitable happenings of life as the sardonic comedian considers death, old age and highlights the comical side of serious situations.

The show begins with Hughes galloping his way across the stage on a child’s hobby horse while being dressed in what I can only describe as very bright and very tight jockey attire.

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From here on, Hughes not only performed he involves everyone with his audience interaction – so if you don’t like to be involved, sit further back!

Primarily based around his father’s death, the comic then begins to explore his childhood and recalls his fondest memories that often involved an array of practical jokes, a racing horse, his mother’s “love” of art and an imaginary elephant.

However, amid continual laughter, the satirical comedian combines his comedy with a truth regarding issues relating to modern Britain which conclusively forms a mutual bond between Hughes and the audience.

But with tears of laughter rolling down my face, Hughes managed to take the serious out of seriousness and turned even the most controversial topics into hysterical outbursts.

All in all my doubts were well and truly laughed away and I would recommend anyone and everyone to see this unforgettable stand up – just remember to pack an open mind and plenty of tissues, it’s been emotional.

Jess Piela-Kirby