Life in the old bird yet...

A whole-hearted performance by a talented cast, many new to Pendle Productions, is always the main strength of the Lowther’s annual pantomime, especially in the musical numbers.

Sunday, 15th December 2013, 10:00 am
Theatre review
Theatre review

The warm and athletic Matthew Curnier, an appealing Silly Billy, Michelle Roberts and James Edgington, delightful and harmonious in their duets, and Sally Naden, every inch a stage trouper in the tricky role of Fairy Vanity, all excel.

Nick Wymer, as Mother Goose, showed that he knows very well how to put a song across, most notably in a truly remarkable Walks like Rihanna.

And he also copes well with some very laborious dialogue and a lack of sharp wit or full-on slapstick.

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Alongside him on the stage, Ian Hayles and Louisa Love are right on the money too.

Regulars may well lament the repetition of a scene from last year’s show, but the audience enjoys the many opportunities to be involved in true panto style.

And the sheer vitality of the principals, enthusiastically backed up by the efforts of young local dancers, makes this the best so far of Tim Lince’s four Lowther pantomimes.

Mother Goose will be on at the Lowther Pavilion, Lytham, until Monday December 30.

Julian Wilde