Ince and out of Little Theatre

Robin Ince - (In and) Out of his Mind - Chorley Little Theatre

Friday, 16th May 2014, 11:02 am
Robin Ince
Robin Ince

You’d have to run this by Professor Brian Cox, but I think Robin Ince defies the laws of physics.

Obviously, not knowing the precise height, weight or density of this stimulating stand-up it is impossible to say for sure, but there seems no way he can have mass enough to generate the blazing energy unleashed in Chorley Little Theatre last Thursday night.

Maniacally seizing the stage roughly minutes after doors opened at 7.30, by the time Ince relinquished his hold at around 10.20 – with a short interval – every square inch of the intimate venue’s boards had been covered, as had a breathtaking range of topics, from insidious inner imps to the various infinities and beyond.

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Setting forth to go (In and) Out of his Mind – his latest show looks at psychology – Ince dragged his appreciative audience aboard and set frenetic sail on a bewilderingly rapid stream of consciousness.

Tale begat tale in a ceaseless flurry, a rampant Brian Blessed browbeating Prof Cox (with who Ince hosts Radio 4 science series Infinite Monkey Cage) over humanity’s failure to conquer Mars, the joy of public transport theatre, primates snacking on cash, desperately sad mooning middle-aged women – all apparently random and unconnected yarns, all, one way or another, returning to the matter at hand.

Great physical comedy (a lovely throwaway ‘anatomy of a stumble’), incessantly intelligent, never less than entertaining, at times fold up in your seat hilarious, Robin Ince (In and) Out of his Mind rolls around Britain until June 24.

If a chance to see it comes your way you’d be mad to miss out. Do you see what I did there?