How everything going wrong ends up perfect!

Peter Pan Goes Wrong is a hilarious new spin on a classic family favourite about a boy who wouldn’t grow up.

Monday, 22nd December 2014, 11:40 am
Peter Pan Goes Wrong
Peter Pan Goes Wrong

The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society set out to present J.M. Barrie’s well known fairytale of Peter Pan but, as the telling title suggests, everything that can go wrong in the production does, with thrills and spills peppering the amusing performance throughout.

The accident-prone actors and actresses embark on a thrilling adventure to Neverland, with hilariously disastrous results – from broken beds, collapsing scenery, actors knocked unconscious – and Captain Hook’s hook falling off.

The play is terrific fun for all ages, and the raucous laughter from the audience added to the fantastic ambience.

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The story follows the traditional storyline – but disrupts it with its own twists and quirks, such as the notorious crocodile ending up the unlikely hero and love interest of Wendy, and the youngest member of the Darling family played by an elderly adult baby in a pink onesie – with a 
beard! The audience were amused by repeated interruptions from the actors’ 
radio mics – which appeared to be picking up local taxi 
radios and police audio systems.

The most challenging performance had to go to Annie Twilloil, aka Naomi Sheldon, who had seconds to change costumes as she took on the roles of Mary Darling, Lisa, Tinkerbell and Cecco.

My two children were enthralled from the start at the bumps and scrapes suffered by the characters and stage crew, their terrible flying abilities, and an appearance by ‘paramedics’. The performance 
offered something for everyone, and the revolving set was vibrant and colourful.

Highly recommended.

Stef Hall