Doom on the farm...

After what was a surprisingly un-British Summer, the temperature is on the decline, leaves are turning golden and Autumn is descending which can only signal the arrival of one (if not the) of my favourite times of year, Halloween.

Saturday, 12th October 2013, 3:00 pm
Farmaggedon, Farmer Teds, Ormskirk
Farmaggedon, Farmer Teds, Ormskirk

Being an October baby, this time of year is always loved and more often than not, have revelled in taking my Halloween “celebrations” to the max.

But one little Lancashire farm has taken theirs to the extreme.

For the past seven years, Farmers Ted’s in Ormskirk – usually a family-friendly, cuddly, baby animal-filled attraction – has a macabre makeover and finds itself at the “gates of Hell” as Farmaggedon unveils itself for the Halloween season.

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And, ever eager to get in on the creepy carnival, there wasn’t much convincing to be done to get me to agree on attending the opening night.

After said balmy Summer, the night was still quite light when we arrived and the farm, having only just had its makeover, seemed somewhat peaceful.

Goats, ducks, sheep quietly meandering around their fields are a sure fire way of lulling unsuspecting victims into a false sense of security, that’s for sure. Because once you’re past the front gate it’s a whole other story.

And anyone visiting now will also face the creeping darkness of the shorter days.

Casually wandering about the place you come across some familiar, and even scarier, unfamiliar characters all disguised and disfigured with incredible makeup that despite knowing it is in fact latex and fake blood, still sends a shiver down your spine and makes your feet walk a little faster.

Farmaggedon is a “Scream Park”, an interactive horror experience with roaming zombies and creatures of the nigh wandering between three interactive horror houses and, bigger, better and badder than ever.

The attraction is the brainchild of Mark Edwards, who having fallen upon the American Halloween industry in 2007, came home and created the scarefest with Richard Cottier.

To tell you what lies in the three horror houses would spoil the surprise but be warned, the recommendation that under 15s do not attend is there for a reason.

Believe me, the friend who accompanied me was there to get over her fear having dropped to the floor to the foetal position in tears on her last visit!

Terror On The Farm is the original mausoleum of mayhem; a labyrinth of corridors, crypts, caverns. My advice?

Stick together, keep heading forward and maybe, just maybe you will make your way through and live to tell the tale.

InsaniTy is a different experience altogether, preying on all six of your senses, flaunting your phobias and leaving you a shadow of your former self while in Psychosis your reality soon becomes the intruder as you surrender your senses and prepare to lose your grip on life as slowly your torment unfolds.

Farmageddon is open now. Tickets cost from £16. See or call 0844 292 7666.