The Harris Frights host a night of shocks and scares

Next Friday, in case you don’t already have a red ring around it on the calendar, is Friday the 13th.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 6th September 2013, 10:45 am
Evil Blizzard
Evil Blizzard

And if you haven’t yet lined up a DVD of the film of the same name ... hold on.

Because this cult story is being retold on a giant outdoor screen, as part of the Cinema Around the Corner initiative at The Harris Flights on Preston Flag Market.

It will not, however, be screened in isolation but will bookend, along with the Marilyn Monroe classic Some Like it Hot, a performance by the scary line-up that is Evil Blizzard.

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This six-strong band of Prestonians in pink boilersuits and rubber masks will be providing an unsettling live performance in front of a sinister, short silent film.

Mark Whiteside, drummer/singer with the group, which formed in 2010, said: “The idea of the clothing was to make us different from a band you see in the pubs.

“As the music is quite heavy or psychedelic, we thought what would be as far removed from black as possible – and nothing is less rock than pink I suppose. The masks have evolved over time.

“For me, it’s about using music as theatre, like Peter Gabriel used to do. It gives the audience something to focus on and not just the music.

“Most bands don’t seem to put a lot of attention into the show.

“We like to get into the audience and connect, passing the basses out to people to join in. The music is quite dancy in a way with a lot of hypnotic repeating rhythms, so it’s a good way of building the set.”

Friday’s night kicks off at 7.15pm with Some Like it Hot, with Evil Blizzard taking a 30-minute slot from about 9.50pm, before Friday the 13th hits the screens at 10.25pm.

On Saturday there will be a showing of Ghostbusters at 7.15pm, and the evening will end with a secret screening, to be announced on the night.

The fact that the Northfiyah Reggae Sound System will be providing a DJ set beforehand can be taken as a clue as to what the secret film might be about.

You can keep up to date with the The Cinema Around the Corner project, a They Eat Culture event, on Twitter via @CinemaATC.

All the events are free of charge.