Strictly Come Dancing trio get ready to Rip It Up to top 60s hits in Blackpool

Aston Merrygold, Harry Judd and Louis Smith star in Rip It UpAston Merrygold, Harry Judd and Louis Smith star in Rip It Up
Aston Merrygold, Harry Judd and Louis Smith star in Rip It Up
A trio of former Strictly Come Dancing contestants will line up together as they bring their moves to the stage in Blackpool.

They include two winners – McFly drummer Harry Judd and Olympic silver medal-winning gymnast Louis Smith – as well as fan favourite Aston Merrygold, who won two Brit Awards with pop group JLS.

The trio sat down to answer a few questions ahead of their show Rip It Up, when they will be singing and dancing their way through the 60s, at the Opera House on Thursday.

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What most appealed to you about joining the new Rip It Up show?

The boys will be taking to the stage in Blackpool this weekThe boys will be taking to the stage in Blackpool this week
The boys will be taking to the stage in Blackpool this week

Harry: I chatted to Louis and Aston and it all seemed good, and we get on. I thought “this will be fun, let’s do it”.

Could you have imagined that you would be starring in a show like his when you were growing up?

Harry: 100 per cent no. For Aston, maybe his answer would have been different because he can actually dance, so this would have been viable for him.

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Having done Strictly Come Dancing, it feels a bit more normal to me now, though, as I can actually say “I can dance”. But, now, this is something I have wanted to do since winning Strictly.

Aston: I am always one to set goals. Before we went on X Factor, myself and the JLS boys made a list of what we wanted to achieve.

As we started ticking those things off of the list it started to become evident that if you put these goals out there in the atmosphere and you strive towards specifics then these things can happen. Rip It Up is definitely something that leapt out to me.

Louis: No, not at all. I have always loved performing and challenging myself, but never would I have thought I would be on stage performing in a UK dance tour.

It is mind-blowing and I don’t take it for granted.

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I have always appreciated it, and been grateful for the amount of hard work my Mum put in to me and helped me get to where I am. She is an angel.

The new Rip It Up show is based on the hits of the 1960s. Who are you favourite artists of the time?

Louis: I love all the Motown and swing music, so it blends into last year’s 1950s theme.

There’s a lot I like from Elvis Presley, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations… all of that music is right up my street, so I’m really looking forward to rocking it out.

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Aston: Listen, anything by James Brown is always going to be good. I will definitely be trying to do a couple of my James Brown moves.

I will be reaching for that and saying we have to put a few of those tunes in. For me, that’s the life and soul of the ‘60s.

Harry: I love The Beatles and The Beach Boys. They are my two favourite bands from back then.

Harry and Louis, you are both Strictly winners. Will you be taunting and teasing Aston with your glitterballs?

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Harry: Yes! We already have! Aston going out when he did was a joke, really. He has got some unfinished business on the dancefloor, so he will be showing everyone who comes to see us on this tour exactly what they missed in the later stages of Strictly.

Louis: Me and Aston grew up together, our parents were in the same neighbourhood and friends growing up, so if there is any teasing going on with Aston it won’t be that - it will be all sorts!

- Rip It Up is at the Opera House on September 27. For details and tickets, visit