Peter Kay makes surprise appearance at Blackpool screening

As fans from across Britain flocked to the Car Share screenings in Blackpool, the man himself made a surprise appearance on stage.

Saturday, 7th April 2018, 7:59 pm
Updated Sunday, 8th April 2018, 11:11 am
Peter Kay on stage at the Blackpool Opera House. Photo: PA/@NeilHailwood
Peter Kay on stage at the Blackpool Opera House. Photo: PA/@NeilHailwood

The comic made a brief appearance on stage at the final screening of the hit TV show at Blackpool Opera House last night.

Alison Moore, 45, said Kay appeared on stage after the interval between the episodes to a rapturous welcome.

"People were shouting out that they loved him, some stood up to clap," she said.

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Comedian Peter Kay

"He just said a few words for a couple of minutes, it was really good to see him.

"He mentioned the Lily Foundation, the fundraising, and good on him too - it shows what a decent kind of bloke he is.

"He seemed really fine, relaxed and genuinely touched by the reaction he got. He's held in such high regard up this way. It was just really good to see him."

Comedian Peter Kay

Fans of all three screenings have revealed their delight with the new Car Share episodes.

Dawn Glen, 42, travelled all the way from Dundee to Blackpool Opera House for this afternoon's showing.

She said: "I thought it was fantastic. It was worth waiting a year for the see the finale.

"Sian Gibson matched Peter Kay in every line, she's very good. I'm a big Peter Kay fan, I came from Scotland, all the way down from Dundee. I'm a huge fan of Car Share so I had to come. I've made many friends here."

The comedian, who cancelled his live tour due to "unforeseen family circumstances" announced that the final episodes of Car Share would be first shown at a screening in aid of the Lily Foundation for seriously ill children.

They will be shown on TV later this year.

Fans flocked to Blackpool this afternoon to see the show, and all said it had been well worth the trip.

Rachael Phillips, 29, of Manchester, said: "It was really good. I enjoyed it, a nice ending. I'm a big Peter Kay fan.

"It's funny as well, we picked up on more of the little details like the funny signs on the street you don'y see on the telly."

Her partner Aaron Gales, 29, added: "It was fantastic. I think Car Share fans will be pleased with the ending."

Paula and John Baron, 29, travelled from Wigan to see the screening.

"It was good, it was funny, it wasn't what I expected because he didn't give any details away, said Paula, 26.

John added: "It had an ambiguity that built it up, the end was superb. It was well worth it."

Lynn Manier-Jolly, 45, from Wigan, said: "It was just fantastic. The last episode was just brilliant."

"I can only say he was brilliant. I could have watched it again and again, " said Jean Jolly, 71, of Wigan.

"I thought it was brilliant. He's a very talented man and Sian's not bad either! I didn't know where he was going to go with it, but he finished it well," added Mo Manier-Jolly, 46, of Wigan.

Interest in the Blackpool screenings has been intense, with fans around the world tweeting their support and media organisations from Spain to the Netherlands, Russia to Africa reporting on the event.