My Biggest Bargain... My Ultimate Splurge - James Robinson

James Robinson, 20, who is studying history at university, tells us about the best finds in his wardrobe...

By The Newsroom
Monday, 16th September 2013, 12:29 pm
Street Style James
Street Style James


“I hate shopping.

“Like most men, I find shopping a laborious, frustrating, stuffy and more often than not, fruitless experience.

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Street Style James

“I’d much rather spend my day eating last night’s pizza, in bed, one eye on Call of Duty and the other flicking mindlessly through online clothes site ASOS.

“However, I had a number of smart-casual events to 
attend to so I had to venture on to the High Street to seek out a smart shirt.

“My style is quite classic and understated as I don’t tend to follow the latest craze of fashion, so I tend to wear things that are considered fashionable without cringing at what I was wearing a year ago on Facebook.

“Everyone loves a bargain, especially when buying a quality product, but being a student makes picking out the bargains a necessity.

“So when I spotted this pink number in H & M and saw it was Ralph Lauren at a knock down price from the usual millions of pounds to a mere £30, I had no second thoughts about whether to purchase or not.

“Taking advice from Mickey Flannigan, I bought my Ralph Lauren, splashed on the Paco Rabanne, and night fevered into town with a smug face knowing that I had found ‘The Shirt’ and at a knock down price!

“It has come in very handy on last minute occasions and has stood the test of many messy drunken nights.

“The slim fit cut fits me nicely and the design is quite timeless.

“Being a student has made me thrifty and money 
conscious so going out and splashing the cash in every shop that takes my fancy 
really isn’t an option.

“This really is a bargain purchase, due to its classic style, comfort and above all its durability.”


“After having a conversation with one of my best mates about shoes, it was concluded that there can be no bargaining of price when it comes to footwear.

“The trick, he said was to buy a pair of shoes that can be worn on many occasions.

“Taking his advice, I snooped out these Vans that presented themselves to me in Schuh and I splashed out a full £65 on them.

“Vans are right now next to brands such as Converse, New Balance, Adidas’ and Nike as these trainers seem to be worn by the whole student population and I’m not surprised.

“My Vans have survived through snowy streets, to melting Cypriot beaches, worn with jeans or shorts and with no compromise of 

“The thing is, we all know how temperamental the British weather is – one minute it’s sunny and hot, the next it’s threatening to rip your clothes off.

“The one thing you don’t want disintegrating on the first hint of moisture are your shoes so investing in a decent pair is an absolute must.

“The maroon colour was a bit different from the usual primary coloured Vans I saw walking around and I was 
consequently complimented from my fellow Van wearers giving the purchase extra 
student points.

“I had no qualms or hesitations when purchasing my Vans as I know I’ll be the one laughing, looking fashionable and comfortable rain or shine and any weather in between.”