Mellow Rick still magic

Rick Astley, Preston Guild Hall

Saturday, 6th June 2015, 3:00 pm
Rick Astley Photos: Steve Campbell
Rick Astley Photos: Steve Campbell

Poor Rick Astley is never gonna live it down!

Wherever he goes there is one song the audience will be shouting for - the 80’s Stock, Aitken and Waterman ‘classic’ ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’.

And we weren’t far into the proceedings last Saturday night when he stopped and told the demanding lady on the front row that he was inevitably going to perform his signature tune but that he was building up to it, taking her up to the pinnacle.

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And then going to shove her off. Cue much laughter.

Because he is a funny bloke is Mr Astley and he certainly likes to interact with his audience.

Chatting, shaking hands, taking and being photographed in selfies and getting the ladies up on stage it was more like he was the genial host of the party – and we were all invited.

Setting the tone for the evening with feel-good favourite ‘Together Forever’, Rick reeled off all the records from way back when but didn’t seem a day older (unlike the rest of us!).

Rick Astley Photos: Steve Campbell

His energy appeared boundless, although he appreciated a bit of respite during ballad ‘Cry For Help’ when he enjoyed a sit down and let his backing singer “let rip”, a pure X-Factor, big voice moment.

And as further proof the tea-boy has actually grown up, the glasses came on for his version of Clean Bandit’s ‘No Place I’d Rather Be’ which joined the likes of Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’ as Songs You Never Thought You Would Hear Rick Astley sing.

But as unlikely as it seems, it worked. Rick’s voice has mellowed over the years and he now offers us anything from rock to reggae – and he’s obviously enjoying it.

He’s not the only one!

Helen Lindsay