King comes up short

Spice king, Ronaldsway, Preston

Sunday, 31st May 2015, 6:00 pm
Spice king
Spice king

With a name like Spice King you’d expect the food at this neighbourhood takeaway to fly off the scoville scale.

But the Tandoori set meal, which comprises of tandoori and chicken tikki served with a choice of two curry sauces and some sides, failed to live up the promise of the name above the door.

At £18.95 for two people it was good value with two large pieces of Tandoori chicken and a portion of marinated chicken tikki alongside two curry sauces, plus a side of bombay aloo, pilau rice, a naan bread and two starters.

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On the plus side, the chicken was excellent - the tandoori chicken, cooked on the bone, was juicy and flavoursome and the chicken tikki was well marinated and plentiful.

But any good Indian rises and falls by the curry sauces and for me, Spice King failed to set my taste buds alight.

The meal came with choice of curry sauces from the normal selection of balti, madras, samber and the like.

But my choices of jalfreizi and dopiaza felt like the same generic sauce, albeit with a few extra onions chucked in one and a few peppers mixed into the other to give them a slightly different taste.

Star rating: 5/10