Just want a pizza the fusion action?

Al-Barakah - Langcliffe Road, Preston

Sunday, 27th April 2014, 1:00 pm
Chicken Tikka Masala pizza
Chicken Tikka Masala pizza

Fusion cooking, where do you start?

Thai chicken pizza has peanut sauce in place of tomato sauce and is topped with crushed nuts and bean sprouts.

No, not for me.

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There’s the obvious marriages of the colonial era.

They sell baguettes on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City to this day, so there was never any doubt the foody French would take new ideas from their Indo-Chinese outposts of empire.

Some are even more obvious, such as Tex-Mex – many believe that the Lone Star State has more in common with its southerly neighbour than America’s liberal East and West coast metropolitan populations.

But Chicken Tikka Masala pizza? In Preston?

Sounds wrong, masala sauce instead of tomato, cubes of spicy meat – yet still topped with cheese.

It shouldn’t work. But it did.

It was a subtle combination, with wonderfully-fluffy bread and a warming aftertaste.

And let’s be honest, once you’ve gone for a curry pizza, a kebab with tandoori sauce isn’t that much of a leap.

Again the bread was fluffy, the salad crisp and fresh, the perfect foil for the juicy cubes of lamb. By the way, I should let you know that this is not on the menu.

The friendly chap, who even tried to find me the BBC on his TV, said he could do whatever. And he did, in his wok in front of me, while the naan-like holder baked away – and instantly slayed the notion that these Turkish snacks should come in a pitta.

All for £12 including four cans of pop. Fabulous.

Star rating: 8