‘I’d rather die on stage than sat in an old people’s home’

Buster Bloodvessel, Bad Manners’ eccentric frontman, is famous for his shiny bald head, giant personality and his even bigger figure.

Sunday, 15th December 2013, 6:00 am
Bad Manners Buster Bloodvessel tells Tony Dewhurst hes a prime candidate an early death...
Bad Manners Buster Bloodvessel tells Tony Dewhurst hes a prime candidate an early death...

Now, quite literally, Buster – real name Douglas Trendle – is half the man he used to be.

After drastic surgery, he lost a staggering 18 stone and the Hackney-born crooner, who once ran a hotel in Margate called Fatty Towers, with gigantic beds and an annual Belly of the Year contest, recalls: “I lost so much weight people thought I was dying when they saw me.

“When I got down to 12 stone I looked like a ballerina on stage.

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“At one stage I was 31 stone and I collapsedduring a show.

“I suppose I was living up to an image.

“People expected Buster to be huge.

“I liked the idea of being fat, eating, drinking, being jolly – to me those are fine qualities.”

Whilst Bad Manners’ hits, My Girl Lollipop, Lip Up Fatty, Can Can and 
Special Brew, topped the charts, Buster’s weight topped the scales.

And nearly 40 years on from their first gig – at Stonehenge Free Festival of all places – Buster and the boys are still mixing that heady mix of moon-stomping ska, reggae and punk.

“In every performance I was thinking this could be my last, the way I was 
performing on stage,” he recalled.

“I suppose I’m a prime candidate for dying on stage.

“I hope that is in the distant future, but I’d rather go out that way than sat in an old people’s home.”

Bad Manners’ brand of goodtime party music still sounds as fresh as the day it was penned – although Buster is the only founding member to have lasted the marathon course.

“I always had a desire to perform,” added Buster.

“On stage, probably as an actor more than a singer, but I chose singing because I absolutely love it.

“I don’t understand those bands who stop touring.

“Singing is my life and you can’t replace the feeling of jumping on stage and singing those great songs and everybody going nuts.”

Bad Manners are set to feature at the Clitheroe Grand Theatre on December 21. Tickets cost £20. For further details telephone 01200 421599.

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