Grease is no longer the word at my local

Eat Well, 393 Blackpool Road, Preston.Tel: 01772 726 823

Saturday, 5th September 2015, 3:00 pm
Eat Well
Eat Well

When I heard that my local Indian takeaway had had a makeover and reopened with a new name and new healthy menu, I had mixed feelings.

After all, when you decide that a long, hard week merits ordering a takeaway, the healthiness of the cuisine isn’t always at the forefront of your mind.

But I’m delighted to report that Eat Well, the new identity of the former Spice Lounge on Blackpool Road, has sacrificed none of the flavour in making its offerings more healthy.

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Eat Well

The mixed starters showed the greatest evidence of the new healthiness, with none of the greasiness that often comes from deep frying.

The onion bhajis seemed to have been baked rather than fried, but were still delicious and not too dry with a lovely crispy coating. Vegetable samosas had crispy pastry and a lovely, very spicy, filling but my favourites were the half moons - little pasties filled with a soft cheese and leek filling. They were unlike any Indian starter I have ever had and all the better for being something of a surprise.

They were all lovely and all the nicer without that greasy feeling that comes from eating too much deep fried food.

For the main course I opted for baked salmon in a curry sauce and was rewarded with lovely soft, moist and juicy chunks of salmon in a delicately spiced but nonetheless very flavourful sauce.

A portion of mushroom rice made a good accompaniment.

One portion of salmon curry, mushroom rice and a plate of mixed starters came to £14.

So it seems that Eat Well has kept all the best of Spice Lounge’s flavours, but cut down on the grease and calories involved. Does this mean I can have takeaway twice as often?

Emma Pearson - 9/10