Everybody was dancing around the Captain

A Preston band is set to play two gigs in their hometown to celebrate the release of their debut single.

Monday, 19th May 2014, 7:00 pm
Go Around Captain
Go Around Captain

Go Around Captain, a four-piece rock outfit, will play the Ferret on Wednesday, May 28, and Saturday, June 7.

The band’s debut EP Everything I Own Is Nicked was released on May 5 and is available on; Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon.

The band originally came together following jam sessions between Alan Gillhespy (ex Romonastone and Flags frontman), and bassist Alan Keirby.

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Early in 2013, effects pedal mad guitarist Tony Arnott (formally of Pencil In and Chaotix) was recruited to ‘beef up’ the sound and push the boundaries of the songwriting.

The line-up was completed when drummer Daniel Kerr (formally of Goonies Never Say Die) joined in September 2013.

After the arrivals of Arnott and Kerr the band sound exploded into a raunchy and pulsating style of indie-rock, while still maintaining the distinct, soothing vocal melodies of frontman Alan Gillhespy.”

Here at LEP Towers we’ve had the song on a loop, and it’s a well crafted slice of rolling guitars. It’s described by ZME Music as: “Throughout this EP, the vocal melodies and choruses are both catchy and memorable.”