A decent doner for a fair price

Rio’s Chicken HutLiverpool Road, Little Hoole

Saturday, 25th April 2015, 6:00 pm
Rios Chicken Hut
Rios Chicken Hut

Who said a doner kebab must be reserved for those who, let’s say, have enjoyed a few jars and are towards the end of a night out?

Often seen as the last resort of the drink-filled student, in fact this can be a tasty treat, even when completely sober!

And with all that pitta bread and salad, this is a takeaway meal that is practically health food – well almost.

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Rio’s Chicken Hut at Little Hoole offers up a whole host of options on the kebab front and we opted to try out two of them – a large doner and a chicken.

Both pittas were stuffed full of meat, the minced lamb in the doner was spilling out over the side, while the grilled chicken pieces on the other kebab were equally generous.

So much so that the salad had to be popped alongside in a plastic tray as there was no room for it within the bread.

Both meats were tasty, although the salad could have been a bit more exciting – lettuce and red onion only – no tomato or cucumber to be seen here at all.

And the chilli sauce, although reasonably spicy, came out of a bottle. I am reliably informed that in the best kebab establishments, the sauce is homemade and kept warm in a pan on the hob then ladled onto the kebab just before wrapping.

But I’m being picky.

We’d ordered an unnecessary portion of chips to accompany the kebabs, some of those little french fries you see in most burger joints.

They went down well, but the kebabs were so generous, they weren’t needed.

All in all, this was good value for some decent kebabs.

Gillian Parkinson

Star rating: 7/10